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Take a break from traditional advertising avenues and switch to video advertising with the Livebox streaming server.

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what really turned me over was the ability to use all these features within livebox for one third of the cost of using services from my previous streaming provider.

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Video advertising is a commercial way to grab the attention of people as quickly as possible. For decades back ads are done through pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, and television. But after the arrival of streaming platforms and apps over the past few years, in-stream ads are visibly prevalent in social media destinations like YouTube, Facebook and Google display networks.

In-stream video ads are designed to run similar to those of ads in television, seemingly target the audiences of a wide spectrum. Most of the in-stream ads that we see on YouTube and Facebook are all paid advertisements which cost a bit to the advertiser. But imagine having a platform where it is possible to produce in-stream ads cost-free while the live streaming/broadcasting is on.

The Livebox streaming server can extend its distinguished service in every aspect to those advertisement that aim the consumers while watching a video on the social media platforms.

Monetize Ads

Unlike the paid advertisers, with Livebox you can monetize your advertisements along with your live streaming contents. Or even better, if you have established website/blog, you can make a deal with the advertisers to publish their advertisements on your renowned sites.

Free Mixer Software

You can install the available mixer software within Livebox with no required additional cost. You can mix and match with those of your live stream contents to any social media destination.

Unconventional Style of Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on Social Media Standing apart from the traditional and conventional way of advertising, you can come up with your advertisements without depending on social media advertising set-up. You can mix your ads along with your streaming contents and make it run on the preferred destination.



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